Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oozlum bird

The Ouzelum or Oozlum bird is a legendary creature found in Australian and British folk tales and legends. Some versions have it that when startled the bird will take off and fly around in ever-decreasing circles until it manages to fly up itself, disappearing completely, which adds to its rarity. Other sources state that the bird flies backwards so that it can admire its own beautiful tail feathers, or because while it does not know where it is going, it likes to know where it has been.

This talk of a bird going backwards when startled reminds me of two differenet domestic breeds of pigeons mainly the parlor tumbler who when scared will flip backwards as in the video below. Another is the Birmingham roller who flips back in the air. Is the Oozlum bird a pigeon? The parlor tumbler or parlor roller originated in Scotland and the United States around 1850 or earlier well the birmingham roller who flips well it flies and was orginated in England and whose time of origin is unknown. Whose to say what the Oozlum bird is but I believe it is a parlor roller or birmingham roller, or even one of the ancestors of these domestic breeds after all it had to come somewhere. So to the ancestor of parlor roller and the birmingham roller the Oozlum.

Encyclopedia of pigeon breeds by Wendell M. Levi

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Bennu bird serves as the Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix, and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra.

The Bennu was pictured as a grey, purple, blue, or white heron with a long beak and a two-feathered crest

According to ancient Egyptian myth, the Bennu had created itself from a fire that was burned on a holy tree in one of the sacred precincts of the temple of Ra.

A large species of heron, nowadays extinct, occurred on the Arabian Peninsula in comparatively recent times; it may have been the ultimate inspiration for the Bennu.

Great Blue Heron by johnadams1217.

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The Peryton is a mix of a stag and a bird. It has the head, neck, forelegs and antlers of a stag with plumage, wings, and hindquarters of a large bird. Its color is either dark green or light blue. It is said to have come from Atlantis. It is said that this creature casts the shadow of a human. It has a taste for human blood and is said to have been the fall of Rome. It can only kill one person until it's shadow changes and matches its body again. It cannot kill anothe person until it has done so. Picture
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The huldrefolk are invisble people who where the chlidren of Adam and Lilith. When God asked Eve to show her all the children she hid Adam and Liliths and then god said all that are not shown will never be shown so they are now invisible. Like us they have lives (get married, make homes). They live Parallel to us. They are smaller then us though. Some are evil and some are good. You should never leave a baby with them or let a guy be alone with her for she may take him as her lover and he will be gone forever. Sometimes if people leave and go to their homes they find that time has passed fast and their friends are now old.


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wichtlein (The Little Wights)

The Wichtlein's are a race much like the tommy knockers that like them spend their time in mine shafts. Their description is that of small long beared old men. They also tell of death by knocking three times. Gives a new meaning to "knock three times on the ceiling if you want me" Because if it was said about the little wights it would mean your going to die.


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Backward feet


Curupira- One example of backward feet in mythology is the curupria which besides having backward feet has flaming hair and green teeth. It protects the forest from man.

Antipodes/abarimons - an ancient race of people who look like us just with feet that are backwards.

Ciguapa- Looks like a naked woman with backward feet. Lures men to their death by her beautiful sound much like as siren and then drowning them.


Wang Fang- a 27 year old waitress from Chongqing city in China. She was quoted as saying "I can walk as well as anyone else, and even run faster than them. I'm like everyone else - except of course that I put my shoes on backwards."

Jingle- a 15 year old from the Philippines unlike Wang Fang and her fast running Jingle could not walk. She was found to have spina bifida.

John Seavers- Another person with feet turned backwards. He is able to walk and dances.


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What nice hooves you have

Name: Faun
Where: Rome
Description: Small horns and hooves

Name: Glaistig (The Green Lady)
Where: Scotland
Description: Hooves

Name: Longana
Where: Cadore
Description: A group of women that lived near water and had hooves

Name: Pan
Where: Greece
Description: A god with horns and hooves

Name: Hippopodes
Where: near the Baltic Sea
Description: Hooves

Name: Deer Woman
Where: Oklahoma
Fort Dodge, Iowa,
The Western United States
The Pacific Northwest
Description: Hooves

With all these different stories from all around the world who is to say that hooved people may not be around or atleast once existed. If not this a good example of linking if not all but most areas to what the first people believed. If these creatures never existed what was it that made these creatures come to belief? What coud this creature be? Maybe we're missing a crucial part in are evolution.

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Short Story by Me (John Adams)

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